Thanks to all- that which comes and which does not come. Thanks who were with me and who were not. Thanks for giving precious space in your life and denying it. Thanks for giving value and devaluing me.

After-all, everything inspires…. . the inching forward of the life that is ‘becoming’ within me. That ‘being’ which is in the process of ‘becoming’ engages in a dialogue with itself and casts around “many many thanks”.

But the being is in human form. It has sometimes gotten distracted to the panorama ‘outside’. And may have reacted without engaging from the inner self. A sorry for that. Because the moment of reaction without delving inside oneself is a moment of ignorance- ignorance of the fact that nothing ‘hurts’- everything propels.

Goodnight….. And a ‘good morning!


आज के दिन शुरु हुई रोशनदान से रोशनी और रोशनाई की झाँक-ताक!

हेल्लो दुनियाँ!